How Much Difference Do Low Noise LNB’s Make?

28 November 2013  |  Ashley

Low Noise Blocks or LNBs are an essential part of a full satellite system. An LNB is a box of electronics that is positioned on the end of a satellite’s dish boom arm, and it helps to lower the noise figure to get a better quality of signal from your satellite.


Can Better LNBs Produce Less Signal?

This question is often asked, and the simple answer is that a higher signal to noise ratio matters more than the total signal level. This is because the total signal level does not measure the quality of an LNB.

An LNB with a high output is useful in driving a signal down a cable which is over 40 metres long. However, a high signal ratio tends to pull in weaker signals. The meter on your receiver does not indicate the difference between the signal and the noise, as it only shows the total signal.

To make sure you are getting maximum efficiency from your LNB Low Noise Blocks, it has to be positioned at the optimal angle. This angle is measured in degrees, and is known as the LNB’s “skew”. LNBs can be skewed manually by loosening it in its holder and adjusting it until it is at a suitable angle.


Branded Quality LNBs From SystemSAT

At SystemSAT we have many different products that are essential for satellite systems. We stock the following types of LNBs for your satellite system:

  • Single
  • Twin
  • Quad
  • Octo
  • Quattro

Each LNB has a certain number of outputs (Single – 1, Twin – 2, Quad – 4, Quattro – 8) and are all equal to a single LNB. What varies is how and where they are used. A Quad is different from the rest as it has four different outputs and can be used with multiswitches. If you require more than 8 independent outputs, multiswitches provide a cost-effective option which can supply 8-32 independent rooms. This is an ideal solution for hostels, multiple apartments and hotels.


Get Your LNB For Your Satellite System At SystemSAT

Are you looking for a quality satellite system provider? If so, turn to SystemSAT, as we offer an extensive range of products for your satellite systems that will satisfy your requirements. Find famous brands such as Inverto, Invacom, Smart, Technomate and many others at SystemSAT!

Not sure which LNB is the best for your home? Send an email to our friendly, professional team and they will be happy to help: or call us on 0203 411 2132

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