What is an LNB?

22 August 2013  |  Ashley

What Does The LNB Stand For?

If you are looking for a satellite system for your house, you may come across a lot of terms you are unfamiliar with. One of them, commonly used in the industry, is the acronym LBN. So what do these letters stand for and how they are connected with satellites?A Low Noise Block (LNB) downconverter is a device fitted on the satellite dish boom arm that acts as a receiving function and collects the radio waves from the dish. LNB consists of:
  • Low Noise Amplifier
  • Frequency Mixer
  • Local Oscillator
  • Intermediate Frequencies Amplifier

How Does The LNB Work?

When the dish collects the signal, the LNB amplifies it and downconverts existing frequencies into a lower block of intermediate ones. This process allows streaming the signal indoors through a coaxial cable instead of a waveguide line which usually costs a fortune and is very impractical.

Here is a simple diagram that explains how LNB works:*

How an LNB works 

Different Types Of LNB

There are various types of LNBs including:
  • Single
  • Twin
  • Quad
  • Octo
  • Quattro
Each of them has a certain number of outputs: Single - 1, Twin 2, Quad 4, Octo 8, which are all equal to a single LNB, all that varies is the usage. Quattro LNB's is different from these, as it includes four different outputs and can be used only with multiswitches. If more than 8 independent outputs are required, Multiswitches can be more cost effective capable of supplying between 8-32 independent rooms or Properties, Suitable for Large Dwelling, Hotel or Housing Block.

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