What does LTE 4G Protection mean?
LTE 4G is the new mobile communication technology currently being rolled out throughout the UK. LTE 4G will operate on frequencies that used to be part of the space used for Analogue TV Aerial transmissions. This new LTE 4G system has the potential to cause interference with your TV aerial system. To eliminate this interference you may need to fit special 4G filters. Likewise new products are coming out onto the market that come manufactured to prevent LTE 4G signals from being a problem

How do I know if I need a TV Aerial amplifier?
If you find that you are not able to receive all the available channels, chances are it is because you have a poor or weak TV aerial signal. Weak signals are often an effect caused by poor or old cabling or incorrect TV aerial placement. Simply adding a TV Aerial amplifier behind your TV set is enough to compensate for this weak signal.

Can I split my TV Aerial cable?
Most TV Aerials have enough signal to be able to be split at least once. If you live in a good signal area, more than likely you will be able to split your TV Aerial multiple times without any detrimental effect on the quality of signal. If however you live in a poor signal area or possibly have old cables/TV Aerials you may need to boost the signal before you can split it. There are several options for boosting and splitting your TV aerial signal. These include our range of multiple output TV Aerial amplifiers.
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