Pick Up Astra 2E Channels With A Motorised Satellite Dish

14 July 2014  |  Ashley

At the beginning of February this year, the latest satellite for transmitting TV across Europe was brought into service. The new satellite named Astra 2E was launched to take over carrying BBC channels from Astra 1N, which is scheduled to move position to serve over central Europe.

UK Channels Switch Over To Astra 2E Satellite

The move has seen all of the BBC’s TV and radio channels switch over simultaneously, which means either joy or anger for the many expats living all over Europe. Some areas of the continent have gained channels from the switch but other areas have seen their channels or signal quality vastly reduced.

The BBC were quick to reassure UK viewers, in a statement they said "care has been taken to ensure the minimum of impact to UK viewers both during and after the change, such that no viewer actions should be required."

"Generally the new transponder will improve reception in the South East of England, the north eastern coast of East Anglia, the North East of Scotland and the Shetland Isles. Northern France and Belgium may see an improvement, outside of this area there may be a slight reduction in coverage with the need for a larger receive antenna."

The new satellite is the first over the UK with a ‘spot beam’, which allows British broadcasters to un-encrypt their services without worrying about the broadcasting right across Europe. Most UK households benefit from having the stronger satellite signal, providing better reception is in stormy weather or when thick clouds obscure the signal from the satellite.

Viewers in southern Europe and parts central and eastern Europe have lost the most reception as a result of the new Astra 2E UK spot beam, as the signal is now focussed on the UK much more than its predecessor Astra 1N.

This issue of satellite signal has been a hot topic for many people around Europe who find that the channels they are able to receive can vary greatly between areas which are very close in distance. The best way to tackle these problems is with a high quality motorised satellite dish, which can change position whenever needed so it’s in the best possible position to pick up the channels you want.

A motorised satellite dish is the only way to guarantee you are getting the best signal possible, saving you time and effort moving around a static dish to see if you can improve your picture. They also come with clever software which tells you each of the satellites that are available, allowing you to select which one you want you to dish to face.

Motorised Satellite Dishes, Receivers & LNB’s From Systemsat

At Systemsat we have everything you need to get the TV channels you want, whether you are a Brit living abroad or looking to pick up your countries channels here in the UK. Our quality motorised satellite dishes can search and find the channels you want saving you time and effort trying to do it all yourself.

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