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14 July 2014  |  Ashley

When it comes to producing high quality cabling, no company matches the ambitions and achievements of British firm Webro. Since they began producing and distributing cables back in 1980, they have gone on to become the country’s leading cable supplier with their products now used for a wide range of applications including TV’s, satellite dishes and millions more electronic devices used all over the country.


The History Of Webro Cables

Despite dominating the UK market for over 30 years, Webro Cables still operate from a small office with around 30 employees. It started thanks to one man who wanted to sell cables in Britain on behalf of Dutch company Pope Cable, but they didn’t want to risk their brand name and instead made him create his own company to sell their products.

Today Webro produce enough cable each year to go all the way around the world, and are continuing to develop their products as demands in the market change. Roger Webster, the founder of Webro cables said, “I spent a long time wondering whether to go it alone, throwing away that stability and not knowing what the future would hold.”

In the early years they mainly produced cables for tow bars which ran through a car and caravan to provide power to the tail lights at the back. Then in the mid 80’s the company began working with the automotive industry, which saw them grow slowly through the rest of the decade.

But the big satellite TV revolution was just around the corner and would see the first signs of major success for the company. By 1990 Sky had begun to dominate British satellite broadcasting, and from the start they mainly used Webro cables as a main supplier for the millions of Satellite dishes and boxes which were flooding into homes, and still accounts for about 45% of the company’s sales.

And now as new technology replaces the old, one element which never changes is the cables needed to power our electronic products, or to send sound or picture signals from one place to another. Now the fibre optic cables used for broadband are in high demand and are already worth £2.5m per annum for the company.

In the last few years Webro have won contracts to supply cable and connectors to the new Wembley Stadium, the London Underground network, the Highways Agency and the 2012 London Olympics. It’s still the sole UK supplier to Sky and has provided cabling to a number of regional television networks during the digital switchover.

Roger says, “The last few years have shown that technology moves at such a fast pace that you really don’t know what is round the corner. Twelve months ago I would not have expected HD to be so popular. I am very excited about the developments to come in the next year and I hope our business will continue to grow.”


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