Why Choose A Technomate Satellite Dish?

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Satellite dishes come in a variety of different types and sizes, but many people are often unsure which one is the right for them and why it matters which satellite dish they have. Materials are important and components are important as these are what receives and processes the TV signal so it can be displayed on your television. Technomate satellite dishes are widely considered the best available, here are some of the reasons why they are better than other satellite dishes.

The Benefits Of A Technomate Satellite Dish

• The Best Signal – All Technomate satellite dishes give the best possible signal strength for a dish of its size. This is achieved through clever design and the offset shape of the dish, which ensures that the signal is received as strongly as possible which helps prevent loss of picture and holds the signal in bad weather or similar conditions which can cause the signal to drop.

• High Quality Metal – Unlike most other dishes which are made from steel, Technomate satellite dishes are made from lightweight Zinc Phosphate Steel which reduces the weight impact on buildings and also reflects a better signal to the LNB. This can make a real difference to the final picture quality you receive, as the improved quality of the metal conducts the signal and provides a stronger signal to the LNB.

• Durable – Long term corrosion is prevented by an extremely thorough anti-corrosive process and polyester coating. A solid construction of all parts, including the non-slip mast brackets, ensures that the dish remains in its correct position, when other dishes are damaged in high winds or storms. This means a Technomate satellite dish will withstand the elements much better than other dishes meaning you won’t have to replace it every time there are strong winds.

• Trusted Brand – Technomate are distributors of all types of satellite products throughout the UK and Europe including satellite dishes and receivers. Their products have regular software updates, are easy to update and are known to pick up on channels from very weak satellites that others miss out on. Because of this and their high quality, Technomate satellite dishes and receivers are considered the most reliable brand for satellite TV products.

Technomate Satellite Dishes, Receivers & Cables Available From Systemsat

At SystemSAT we provide high-quality satellite dishes, satellite receivers, and installation equipment, including a range of the latest Technomate products. We can provide everything you need to create the TV want, whether you just want more choice or are looking for a way to find foreign channels. For more information or to speak to an advisor, please email support@systemsat.co.uk or call 0203 411 2132.

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