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2 Comments14 July 2014  |  Ashley
2 Comments14 July 2014  |  Ashley
9 May 2014  |  Ashley

Technomate are one of the leading manufacturers of satellite dishes in the world and here at Systemsat we are proud to stock their products, including Technomate Satellite Dishes, receivers and LNBs. But what makes a Technomate Satellite Dish different to the other satellite dishes on the market?

1 Comment9 May 2014  |  Ashley

You may have been hearing more and more about motorised satellite dishes and the benefits of using one for your satellite TV system. Growing in popularity since 2005, fitters are now saying that they install more and more motorized dishes every year.

2 Comments8 May 2014  |  Ashley

Itís a fact. If you want to watch satellite television, youíre going to need a satellite. However, finding the right satellite dish for you can be tricky. With this handy guide from Systemsat, you can find out all you need to know about buying a satellite dish.

6 May 2014  |  Ashley

Webro cables are a high-quality range of TV and satellite coaxial cables, which can be used in a wide array of TV and satellite systems. They are trusted by installers worldwide, and are renowned for good quality. When you buy a Webro product, you know that you are getting approved materials installed from a trusted source.

1 Comment3 April 2014  |  Ashley

A low-noise block converter (LNB) is the part of your TV satellite which receives and collects the radio waves from the satellite dish.

2 April 2014  |  Ashley

Satellite television has continued in popularity all over the world since it was first introduced, with many different companies now offering channels sent from various satellites sat in geostationary orbit above the earth

4 Comments1 April 2014  |  Ashley

The Low Noise Block (LNB) device on the end of a satellite dish receives the broadcast signal collected by the dish and transmits it to your satellite receiver through a run of coaxial cable.

26 February 2014  |  Ashley

Looking to improve your caravan experience? Satellite TV can be the answer, and Systemsat can provide you with the equipment youíll need

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