Why Buy Webro Cables?

6 May 2014  |  Ashley

Webro cables are a high-quality range of TV and satellite coaxial cables, which can be used in a wide array of TV and satellite systems. They are trusted by installers worldwide, and are renowned for good quality. When you buy a Webro product, you know that you are getting approved materials installed from a trusted source.

At Systemsat we understand that finding the right cables can be confusing, so we have put together some advice so you can decide which Webro cables you need for your satellite and TV system.

What Is A Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cables are made from copper and transmit radio waves. Invented in 1880 by Oliver Heaviside, the cable has a conductor inside an insulating material, surrounded by another conductor. Most coaxial cables also have an insulating sheath over the top to protect users. Coaxial cables are used for connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, internet connections and distributing cable television signals.

Coaxial cables are considered the best tool for this job because they can be installed next to other metal apparatus without power losses. This is because in an ideal coaxial cable, the electromagnetic field carrying the signal exists only in the space between the inner and outer conductors.

Why Are Webro Cables The Best?

Webro are the largest supplier of approved digital ready TV and satellite cables in the UK, and have many years of experience at designing cable systems. Webro Cables are great for use in caravans and motor homes, and because they are CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) and SKY approved, they can be used for Digital Satellite, Digital, Terrestrial TV, Standard & High Definition SKY, Cable Virgin, and Freesat systems, or almost any other system you use.

Webro cables have set the standard for cable installation, with their multi-system uses and their 100 decibel copper double shielded coaxial cables. With great flexibility, resistance to water and hard wearing capabilities, you can be sure that you’re Webro cables will not let you down.

Contact Systemsat For Webro Cables, Satellite Dishes & LNB’s

For more information about Webro cables or to discuss how they can be used in your home, get in contact with us by calling 0203 411 2132 or email us at support@systemsat.co.uk. Our team of experts is always ready and happy to help.

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