What is the difference between Quad LNB and Quattro LNB?

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A low-noise block converter (LNB) is the part of your TV satellite which receives and collects the radio waves from the satellite dish. It sits on the arm at the end of the dish, and works by converting high frequencies down to lower frequencies to enable the satellite receiver to decode the signal into video and audio so it can be beamed into your living room.

What's The Difference Between Quad & Quattro LNB's?

A quad LNB gives you 4 independent LNB feeds which can receive switching signals from 4 digital tuners and allows the full range of tuning options to be used. These being Horizontal, Vertical, High Band and Low Band. The LNB outputs are switched by the satellite receiver, with a 22Hz tone and a switching voltage which makes it like a universal LNB with four outputs. A quad LNB is ideal where a maximum of four satellite feeds is required and there is not much possibility of expansion.

The Quattro LNB also provides four outputs, each with a single band specific to that output. The band available at each output is fixed at the time of manufacture, and it is not possible to switch the band with a tone or switching voltage.

A Quattro LNB is normally used to feed a large distribution system. A single dish with a Quattro LNB fitted and a multi-switch is able to feed anything between 4 and 100 locations and can provide any of the input signals at each output, depending on a tone sent up the cable by the receiver at each location.

The outputs on a multi-switch are able to be controlled with a 22Hz tone and switching voltages in the same way that the outputs from normal universal LNB can be such as changing band and polarisation. The satellite receivers in each of the locations behave as though they are connected to their own dedicated dish and LNB, but really they are just connected to a multi-switch output. Quattro LNBs are considered to have a better lifetime than quad LNBs as they are not being continually switched.

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