What is Technomate?

2 April 2014  |  Ashley

Satellite television has continued in popularity all over the world since it was first introduced, with many different companies now offering channels sent from various satellites sat in geostationary orbit above the earth.

Who Are Technomate?

One of the companies that has seen success in this industry is British firm Technomate, who are an international satellite and terrestrial TV equipment manufacturer based in London and founded in 2000.

Technomate produce satellite receiving equipment including set-top boxes, DVB-S & DVB-T Receivers, Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) and aerials. Many people buy their receivers in order to receive European, Arabic and Asian channels which cannot be received on standard UK set top boxes designed for Sky or Freesat, picking up channels from the satellites Hotbird 1, Turksat 3A and Astra 1.

The company has developed considerably since its beginnings, to the point where they now have a large team of dedicated engineers and product designers who are constantly reviewing and upgrading their technology to ensure they stay at the forefront of satellite TV innovation.

Before any of their products reaches mass-production, they go through rigorous testing steps to measure quality control and assurance. Their engineers check and test every product until they are satisfied that the hardware and software of that product is up to the required standard, including:

  • Aging tests on the product to simulate years of use.
  • Leaving the product on test 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Simulating power cuts by using a device to turn the power off and on again to check the strength, quality and reliability of the power supply.
  • High and low extreme temperature tests on products to simulate use of product in extreme conditions.
  • Testing and x-raying every PCB board to check for consistency and quality.
  • Numerous drop tests on the product to check a product’s strength, rigidity and that it is in working order.
  • Vibration tests are carried out to simulate the product being in transit.
  • Each part of the software is tested and checked on the production line.

Complete Technomate Satellite TV – Available From Systemsat

SystemSAT is a family run business and we have been trading since 2005. We are glad to announce that we have already supplied over 100,000 customers with high quality, competitively priced satellite dishes and receivers.

The last component to your satellite dish is the receiver and with Technomate you can enjoy better image and sound quality; some of our Technomate receivers even offer built in content recorders which will ensure you never miss your favourite TV programs.

At SystemSAT you will find a wide variety of satellite receivers that are USB and in some cases even 3D compatible. Which one to choose depends on your needs and if you are unsure which one is compatible with your satellite dish or has the functions you need feel free to consult our experts. For more information or to speak to an advisor, please email support@systemsat.co.uk or call us on 0203 411 2132.

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