The Satellite Dish Boom Continues

4 February 2014  |  Ashley

Satellite dishes were first introduced in the 90’s and, whilst they offered a great alternative to cable TV, their size and appearance prevented their widespread adoption as not everyone was ready to sacrifice a large garden space for their satellite dish. This changed, however, as improvements in dish technology began offering small, portable and functional satellite dishes leading to more and more people were switching from cable TV to satellite TV.

Satellite Dishes Are As Popular As Ever

A recent survey conducted by Digital TV Research covering 97 countries found that by 2018 an incredible 251 million households will be using satellite TV. This is compared to a mere 91 million in 2007, and a slightly higher 103 million in 2008. Between the years of 2008 to 2012 however, the number of households using a satellite dish jumped to 178 million, and it became clear that the satellite dish boom was in full swing.

What do you think of the increasing popularity of satellite TV? If you receive satellite TV, you could probably name many benefits cable TV and indeed there are a few main differences between the two.

One of the main reasons is because satellite dish provides users with more options at a lower price. For many years people relied on cable companies to provide them with the ability to view various channels that would be otherwise unavailable. However, too often you would find yourself overpaying for additional channels.

With a satellite dish you can see thousands of channels from around the world for a much smaller price. Yet another perk of owning a satellite dish is the option to take it with you! Systemsat offers a variety of portable satellite dishes which could make your road trips and camping a much more fun experience.

Quality Satellite Dishes From SystemSAT

Are you looking to buy a satellite dish? Or maybe you are unsure of which dish would best meet your needs? Experts at Systemsat will be more than glad to go through available options to discover which would best suit your requirements. Systemsat is the largest satellite dish provider in the UK and we take pride in our top quality products and excellent customer service.

You will find a variety of products online with photos and detailed descriptions, ranging from satellite dishes to accessories needed for installation and proper working of your satellite. All of the prices already include 20% VAT and the price you see is the price you pay.

If you want to purchase quality satellite dish please feel free to call us on 0203 411 2132 or contact us via email.


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