Can You Install A Satellite Dish Without Permission?

24 February 2014  |  Ashley

So you’re thinking about getting satellite TV, and therefore a satellite dish, in your home. Are you aware of the rules and regulations governing whether you can erect one or not? These will largely depend on whether you’re the homeowner or just renting and also on the type of dwelling, but it’s always useful to know the rules to avoid wasting your time and money.


What Are The Rules Surrounding Satellite Dish Installation?


Under the Town and Country Planning Order 1995, you generally won’t need planning permission to erect a satellite dish if you own the property. This applies to houses that are up to 15 metres high and aren’t in a designated area; obviously, the dish itself has to be a reasonable size (no more than 100cm in any dimension) and can’t stick too far out from your house. This changes if your house is in a designated area though – here, the satellite dish can’t be installed on a chimney stack or a roof slope that is visible from a public area. If you’re planning on installing a satellite dish that contravenes any of these rules, you’re going to need to apply for planning permission before you do so. A designated area is any of the following:

  • A conservation area
  • A national park
  • An area of outstanding natural beauty
  • The Norfolk or Suffolk Broads
  • A World Heritage Site

Whilst following these rules may keep you out of trouble with the government, installing a satellite dish whilst renting a property can land you in other kinds of trouble. Most tenancy agreements will have stipulations regarding the installation of antennas or satellite dishes; this can be anything from ‘the landlord must be notified beforehand and/or consulted’ to ‘the exterior of the property must not be changed in any way’. Either way, check your tenancy agreement before installing a satellite dish to avoid any unpleasantness. Installing a satellite dish without informing your landlord can result in a penalty or fine being applied, and can also result in you having to cancel any TV packages you may be subscribed to – this can leave you out of pocket.


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