How To Choose The Right Motorised System

28 November 2013  |  Ashley

You have probably heard about motorised satellite systems. What are the differences between various motorised systems, and what is the best motorised satellite dish system for your requirements?


What You Need To Look For In A Quality Motorised Satellite Dish


Before you choose a motorised satellite system, you need to know what components it is made up of. Essentially it consists of a satellite dish, a receiver, a motor, an LNB and a wall mount. You can choose either a receiver that works in High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD).

While the HD receivers are a little more expensive, they are the best choice to go for if you have an HD television set. The Technomate 5400 is an excellent SD satellite receiver for your motorised satellite system if you are looking for something more affordable, whereas the Lyngbox or Technomate 6902 are ideal choices for HD motorised receivers.

An essential part of a motorised satellite dish system is the wall mount. We offer wall mounts designed by our own team to make sure your satellite system is mounted correctly and securely. Fully welded, the units are heavy duty and offer you long term reliability. They will also withstand harsh weather conditions.


SystemSAT Is The Best Place To Buy Motorised Satellite Systems


Are you looking for the best company to provide you with high quality motorised satellite dish systems? You’ve come to the right place – SystemSAT is a reliable source for world renowned satellite product brands. Get everything that you need for a fully functional motorised satellite system which will meet your needs for quality and offer you excellent value for money.

SystemSAT is happy to provide you with unbiased expert advice. We do not stock products which we believe are of low quality or are unreasonably priced. As strong believers in durable products, we provide you with reliable motorised satellite dish systems that will last.

SystemSAT only sells high quality products which have been tested and approved by our own team of engineers. This ensures that you are getting the best technology from the industry. Should you have any technical enquiries, you can email our experienced technical consultants at SystemSAT and get a reply within 20 minutes during working hours.

Don’t hesitate, gain access to quality television today with our satellite systems. If you would like more information about motorised satellite systems from SystemSAT, contact us at or call us on 0203 411 2132

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