More Homes To Own A Satellite Dish By 2018

28 November 2013  |  Ashley

When satellite television was first introduced in the early 90s, satellite dishes were expensive and took up a large amount of space, and as such weren’t nearly as popular as they are today. They are set to get even more popular, because by 2018 over 250 million people will be using satellite TV.


Satellite Dish Popularity Is On The Increase


According to the research done by Digital TV Research, which covered 97 countries, by 2018 251 million people will be using satellite TV. In 2007 it was just 91 million, but in 2008 the number of users increased to 103 million, and in 2012 number increased to 178 million. For the past six years the number of people using a satellite dish has only been increasing, so it is no wonder that by 2018 there will be close to 300 million satellite dish users.

It is estimated that by 2018 nearly 400 million houses will receive TV signals from satellite dishes. In 2012 the number of people receiving signals from satellite dishes to their TV set was only 100 million.

Why are more and more people starting to use satellite dishes? One of the main reasons is because it is cheaper and you can see a huge range of TV channels from across the globe. For many years people have relied on cable companies to provide them with the programs they want to watch, but only too often have paid too much for additional channels. With a satellite dish you can see thousands of channels from around the world at a much lower price.

Secondly, a satellite dish will work anywhere, whereas cable TV is only available in places with a cable provider. There is nothing surprising about the fact that many people who live further from the city choose satellite television.


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